Bilfinger Westcon, 7401 Yukon Dr., Bismarck, ND (map)
”So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, …”  Seems
like a bullet proof guide to success – right?  As it turns out, strict adherence to the golden rule can result in unproductive conflict, miscommunication, and broken commitments.  With workplace safety being the team sport that it is, the presence or absence of these dysfunctions determines the quality of a culture that either promotes or prevents injury.   

In this presentation, you’re invited to explore how getting comfortable with the idea of treating people differently than the way you prefer to be treated is key in influencing the behavior of others. You will learn about one assessment, similar to many others, used in many large businesses to create a common language for behavior. 

Key principals include: different is different, moving beyond judgment and two important variables.  By the end, you may conclude that adopting a common language for behavior will save you time, improve relationships and help create a safer workplace. 

About Our Speaker:

Matt Weis is the Loss Control Manager at Dawson Insurance.  He holds the designation of Professional in Human Resources.  As a resource to his commercial lines clients, he provides assistance with all things compliance.  Matt currently sits on the board of Northern Region Association of Safety Professionals as a director at large, and is a member of the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota Safety Committee. 

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