Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

The classes you see listed below is updated on a regular basis so please check back often!

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the ABC Education Director at (Ph: 952-208-4935, Email tom.kennedy@mnabc.com).


NEW IN 2019 - Mandated Plumbing Continuing Education!

ABC of MN/ND has teamed up with Scott Thompson from My Plumbing Training to offer 

ABC members a 15% discount on their required continuing education.  Learn more HERE.

Email Tom Kennedy for promo code.


Class Location Date


Plan and Spec Reading  Eden Prairie, MN  9/30/19-10/1/19
NCCER Instructor Certification (ICTP)  Eden Prairie, MN  10/10/19
Plumbing CE (My Plumbing Training)  Eden Prairie, MN  10/14/19
OSHA 10 for Construction  Fargo, ND  10/17/19-10/18/19
OSHA 10 for Construction (FULL)  Eden Prairie, MN  10/24/19-10/25/19
Critical Skills® for the Construction Industry  Eden Prairie, MN  10/28/19
Fundamentals of Crew Leadership  Eden Prairie, MN  10/29/19
NCCER Instructor Certification (ICTP)  Fargo, ND  11/1/19
Critical Skills® for the Construction Industry  Fargo, ND  11/4/19
Fundamentals of Crew Leadership  Fargo, ND  11/5/19
Plumbing CE (My Plumbing Training)  Eden Prairie, MN  11/11/19
ABC Safety Academy: Road Map to World Class Safety  Eden Prairie, MN  11/19/19-11/20/19


ABC of MN/ND is dedicated to providing cost-effective training opportunities that meet the needs of our member companies and enhance the skills, knowledge, and competencies of their employees. We have partnered with with Lorman Education Services to provide construction-related education seminars and teleconferences. All ABC members receive special discounts when they mention the priority code: ABC.

Click here to access the Lorman website.

ABC of MN/ND has partnered with MindEdge Learning to offer online educational opportunities in HR Management, Leadership, Management, Operations, Project Management, Communication and Marketing. 




Check with ABC staff to learn more.