ABC Insurance Trust

ABC Insurance Trust For ABC Members

With the ABC Insurance Trust, contractors of any size have access to a marketplace of options which includes specific programs and discounts exclusively for ABC members. We will work to develop a customized benefits program for your company at the most cost effect rate.

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Since 1957, we've had one mission: to serve ABC members. The ABC Insurance Trust provides employee benefits and a suite of construction-specific employer services exclusively for ABC members. Our goal is to make your life easier. Please visit or Visit here to learn more about how we can help.


The Trust now serves nearly 1,000 contractors. We offer a variety of proprietary group insurance plans and represent over 70 insurance carriers to ensure you get the most competitive rates and highest level of service.


We ease administrative burdens and eliminate the hassles of managing a group insurance program. Smaller firms appreciate our commitment to provide personalized attention and larger firms rely on us for multistage capabilities. our team will design a cost-effective program for your business.


ABC member contractors serve as trustees. They provide financial oversight and assure the Trust operates in the best interest of all ABC members. 

For professional attention contact Barbara Pfaffly  [email protected] or call (800) 621-2993


Access to exclusive ABC member discounts and work with over 70 regional and national carriers.


Includes a $10,000 annual benefit maximum and a $2,000 orthodontia benefit. Rates haven't changed since 2012.


Prevailing wage jobs, commercial jobs or both, pay for benefits by the hour with an airtight audit trail.


Low-cost, high-value programs include prescription safety glasses. Rates haven't changed since 2017.


Group and voluntary plans available.


Short-term and long-term plan designs available.