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The Construction Education Foundation of MN (CEF of MN) is the educational partner of Associated Builders and Contractors of MN/ND ( The CEF of MN is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization that specializes in providing construction craft, safety, and management training. We have been in operation for over 20 years and have had a state-approved apprenticeship program for over ten years in Minnesota and just recently were approved for registration with the US DOL in North Dakota. There are several different construction trades within our apprenticeship program, including Electrical, Sheet Metal, Roofing, Glazing, Carpentry, Craft Labor, Heavy Equipment Operation, and Painting. Our program is utilized by construction companies throughout Minnesota and North Dakota, though largely based near the Twin Cities and Fargo.



We are unique in that most employers that utilizes our apprenticeship program will conduct the hiring and training of apprentices. The CEF of MN is a third-party administrator that ensures compliance with the program, though for our North Dakota apprenticeship program we are partnered with the North Dakota State College of Science to deliver the required related technical instruction.  See below to learn more about individual trades and the companies who are participating in our registered apprenticeship programs.  




Find A New Career




Why train as an apprentice?




  • Classroom training. Expert instructors teach you theory, safety and skilled trade fundamentals in a controlled environment.
  • On-the-job training. You’ll get your hands dirty (literally), apply your knowledge and skills and learn by doing.
  • Employment. You will earn while you learn.
  • Career potential. Apprenticeship can take you in many career directions.












Become an Apprentice

With an apprenticeship, you start with a job and build a career. Simply put, a participating contractor hires you, and then enrolls you in the CEF of Minnesota Apprenticeship Program. Over the next three to five years, you will learn everything you need – through in-class and on-the-job training – to strive in all aspects of your chosen trade. The best part: you get paid!









Employer Applicants

ABC of Minnesota continuously looks for new companies to work with in the apprenticeship program, because applicants cannot get into the program without a company to sponsor them. Companies are required to be members of ABC of Minnesota/North Dakota to train through our apprenticeship program, and need to go through the process to be approved as a participating contractor.



Apprenticeship Contacts

Terrill Clark, ABC MN/ND Education Coordinator 


Tom Kennedy, ABC MN/ND Education Director

Coming SoonHeavy Equipment Operator Program & Construction Craft Laborers

If you have questions about the North Dakota apprenticeship program, please reach out to Tom Kennedy below.

Tom Kennedy - Director of Education & Workforce or (952) 208-4935

Terrill Clark Jr - Education Coordinator
 or (612) 248-8358