Craft Training


Did you know that you can train your own craft professionals using the NCCER training curriculum?

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) develops standardized construction and maintenance curriculum and assessments with portable credentials.  Through an Accredited Training Sponsor like the Construction Education Foundation of MN (CEF of MN), ABC's non-profit education arm, you can use this curriculum to train your own employees.  

NCCER's flexible delivery options mean that you can do everything from effective task training using one module at a time to a full-blown apprenticeship program using NCCER's prescribed levels of education that meet US and MN Department of Labor requirements.  

NCCER offer multiple delivery options including an online Learning Management System for the more popular trades, e-textbooks, hands-on skills evaluations and module knowledge exams.  

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Contact Tom Kennedy, Director of Education and Workforce for ABC of MN/ND to learn more about how you can put NCCER's curriculum to work for you.


MN Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program

ABC's education and training department, the Construction Education Foundation of MN, has apprenticeship standards on file with the MN Department of Labor, Apprenticeship Division.  Under these standards, ABC member companies can participate in the voluntary apprenticeship program to help train the next generation of craft professionals.  Members who participate are responsible for providing related technical instruction, safety training, and structured on-the-job training with the support of ABC staff.  Apprentices receive US DOL accredited classroom training using the NCCER curriculum, a clear career pathway, and a supervised learning environment on site.  To learn more, contact ABC's education director, Tom Kennedy or call the ABC office at (952) 941-8693.