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Construction Education Foundation of Minnesota - The Training Partner of ABC of MN/ND

Since its inception, the Construction Education Foundation of Minnesota (CEF of MN) along with its training partner the Associated Builders and Contractors of Minnesota and North Dakota have been committed to helping the construction industry train and make a better and safer workforce.

Safety is a top priority on any jobsite and the CEF of MN can provide the services you need to meet your company requirements. ABC and the CEF of MN are committed to keeping its members on the cutting edge of safety compliance by providing them with the most current information available. Even before new regulations are enacted, ABC and the CEF stand ready to advise members on to implement these changes. Members can utilize Safety Services, evaluate their programs with STEP and find value with our industry partners.

The CEF of MN has officially been recognized by the State of Minnesota’s Department of Labor and Industry’s Division of Voluntary Apprenticeship to meet all the requirements for a State-Approved Apprenticeship Program. The CEF of MN also promotes a scholarship program. In the past five years, numerous scholarships have been awarded to ABC member employees and their families to promote workforce development.

The CEF offers classes and seminars in craft and apprenticeship training, on-demand training, continuing education training, management training, legal seminars and safety training. Click here to see a list of the various craft, management and safety classes offered by the CEF of MN. The CEF of MN has two full-time safety specialists on staff to answer any and all questions related to construction safety.

The CEF of MN will continue to meet the needs of those desiring standardized training and other methods of craft professional development to strengthen and improve the construction workforce. The CEF of MN strives to provide superior customer service and top-notch training programs. If there is anything you think may be missing or if you would like more information, please call 952-941-8693.