The safety culture of an organization is defined by the worst behavior that the organization is willing to accept.  Don't let your safety culture be defined by someone else.



Safety Services

Did you know that ABC can provide safety services for your company? From safety committee participation, safety program review, training, jobsite audits and more. Let us help you send your people home safely every day. See More >


ABC's Safety Management System helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your company's safety program. Learn more about how STEP can help your safety program evolve to keep your employees up to 680% safer than the competition. See More >


Safety Performance Report

See the correlation between the proactive measures your company can take to keep workers safe and the number of incidents, accidents, and injuries that occur.See More >


MN OSHA Partnership

Revised in 2012, the MNOSHA Partnership is a program between ABC of MN/ND contractors and MNOSHA that mutually recognizes the importance of providing a safe and healthy working environment. Work with OSHA in a positive setting and set an example as a company that is serious about safety. See More >


Safety Trailer

ABC of MN/ND, in partnership with The Builders Group, has created a mobile training unit that allows us to bring safety training to your jobsite. With this trailer, we can simulate real-world hazards like confined spaces and falls with a fall-arrest system. Learn how ABC can bring this trailer to your site. See More >


Safety Training

Did you know that ABC has an in-house safety consultant that you can hire to conduct safety training for your employees at a significantly lower rate than industry standard? In addition, we have other resources from videos you can borrow to outside providers of safety services. See More >



Build Your Own Safety Day

ABC of Minnesota and North Dakota has partnered with OECS to make your annual safety day a breeze.  4, 6, or 8 hours of safety training, including materials and planning, exclusively for ABC members at a price that you can't beat.  Let us help you make your safety day a success. See More >