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Founded on the merit shop philosophy, Associated ABC has built company benefit packages just for you. Using your ABC Membership, you are eligible for exclusive member discounts and savings in North Dakota and Minnesota.

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Associated Builders and Contractors is the only association committed to ensuring an open and competitive construction marketplace. We believe every person must have the opportunity and right to work. As and association we prepare, educate and foster goodwill for employers as well as their employees. The opportunity to market your company is an added benefit for both associate and contractor members. We know members supporting members builds a stronger and more resourceful organization. The choice is up to you to join, the challenge to keep a competitive marketplace is up to us. ABC has been successful in stopping union-only contracts in the past and we will continue our work until we are all on a fair playing field. 

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Click here for our Member Benefits Brochure. For additional information about the benefits of membership in ABC call  952-941-8693 or email Jeni Ankeny, VP of Business Development. 

We need you to join us!  As open-shop, merit contractors we can either hang together or hang alone.  If we don't fight for your rights, no one else will.  We need your support to thrive.   

Clear Focus on the Merit Shop Contractor

MN/ND ABC continues to move forward in serving merit shop contractors across Minnesota & North Dakota by remaining focused on our mission to protect and promote competition and free enterprise.  These basic concepts are constantly under attack and need protection, if we are to grow and prosper in the future.  Below are a few highlights that have kept us true to our beliefs through the year:

Vision Statement

The vision of Minnesota/North Dakota ABC is an environment in which people and companies succeed based on free-enterprise principles within the free-market system.

Mission Statement

The Minnesota/North Dakota ABC will continually strive to be the leading voice promoting free enterprise within the construction industry. MN/ND ABC will promote and defend the merit shop philosophy. This philosophy encourages open competition and a free-enterprise approach to construction based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.

Core Purpose

The Core Purpose of Minnesota/North Dakota ABC is to advance and defend the principles of the merit shop in the construction industry and to provide members and their employees with an opportunity to succeed.

Value Proposition

Based on the Merit Shop Philosophy, we help members develop people, win work and deliver work safely, ethically, and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work.

Get Engaged In ABC
National ABC has a link to all of their publications and social media. Stay up to date on merit shop priorities and current legislation. Get the latest promotions on member only discounts. Get engaged with ABC by going to

Focus for 2024
Over the next year ABC Staff, Board, Committees and Volunteer Leaders will focus their energy and resources in the following areas:

  • Delivering Value to Grow and Develop Membership
  • Business Development and Networking Opportunities
  • Pro-active in Legislative and Political Affairs: Voice of the Merit Shop
  • Enhancing Safety Services to Support Members
  • Workforce Development and Training Programs
  • Promoting North Dakota Market with New Initiatives
Membership Member Testimonials:

"I joined Associated Builders and Contractors because I started my career working for companies who were part of this organization. After working for many companies, I realized a quite noticeable difference in talent, professionalism, and safety working with companies who were involved in your organization. I want to instill those values in the next generation and I know I can't do it on my own.

I think everyone will benefit from my ABC membership. Holding myself and employees to ABC standards will benefit our customers with a job well done. It benefits my employees because they will have access to additional resources to help them learn and grow. It also benefits myself because I employ talented people and work for satisfied customers."

- Nathan Kempski

Owner, Northern Lights Solar LLC

“Bringing people together is what ABC is all about. Whether you are looking to benefit from contractor interaction, gain a better understanding of industry-specific government legislation, or to ensure your safety program is up-to-date,ABC provides a unique and beneficial service which far offsets the cost of membership.”

- Carla Struble
CEO, Electrical Production Services, Inc.

“Members can save big on ABC’s discount programs without a huge undertaking. Bergstrom Electric saved over $1,000 a year with ABC’s Fed Ex discount. Couple that with a few of the many other discounts ABC has negotiated for us, members can easily save more than their dues. Membership in ABC truly DOES pay for itself!”

- Cliff Moen
President, Bergstrom Electric, Inc.