Workforce Development


ABC of MN/ND wants to see its members and the construction industry thrive. One of the main issues facing employers in the construction industry is the qualified workforce shortage. ABC has put together resources (listed below) of various educational institutions and marketing organizations that could help you as an employer grow your workforce.

Building the people that build America.


Build Your Future (BYF)

Build Your Future is an NCCER initiative that is a collaborative grassroots approach to construction workforce forecasting and development that includes recruitment, training, placement, retention and image enhancement strategies.See More >


ABC Student Chapters

  • Location: MSU – Mankato
  • Location: MSU – Moorhead
  • Location: North Dakota State College of Science 


Project Build MN

Today more than ever, America needs men and women who will build. The current labor shortage in the building trades is projected to grow, which means those who join the trades will be paid more, receive more benefits and enjoy better lifestyles than at any other time in history. While your friends flip themselves upside down with school debt pursuing the next shiny digital trend, you’ll begin your career debt free. A career that’s in high demand, promising growth and job security. One that will support a family and make you a better person in every aspect of life. It’s your future… what do you want to be?