Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Founded on the merit shop philosophy, Associated ABC has built company benefit packages just for you. Using your ABC Membership, you are eligible for exclusive member discounts and savings in North Dakota and Minnesota. 

If you have any questions regarding the national or company benefit programs, please contact Jeni at the ABC office 952-941-8693 or email: Thanks for being a member of ABC!

"Bringing people together with a common interest is what ABC is all about. Whether you are looking to benefit from contractor interaction, gain a better understanding of the industry-specific government legislation, or to ensure your Safety Program meets the standards of STEP along with the opportunity to partner with OSHA, ABC provides a unique and beneficial service which consistently represents the merit-shop philosophy and far offsets the cost of membership."

- Carla Struble
CEO, Electrical Production Services, Inc.
MN/ND ABC 2015 Chairman of the Board

What Are The Benefits of Belonging To ABC?

Networking for Profitability 
Networking keeps you competitive and profitable in the construction industry. Over the last year, 1,000 people attended our structured networking events and social outings to expand their visibility and find new business opportunities. Our member-only e-Directory is a great business development tool for contractors and construction users. 

Membership Saves You Money 
ABC members save on average $3,360 per year through ABC’s discount programs! Because ABC is the largest association of merit shop contractors in the country, we have buying power to create these exclusive discounts on business services and products you’re already purchasing—which means your membership may pay for itself. 

Education & Training 
ABC and it’s training partner, the Construction Education Foundation have re-focused efforts to cultivate new training alliances to meet future demands. Here’s what you can expect:
     •  Our partners trained over 1,200 people in a variety of construction crafts last year.
     •  ABC has the resources to train in over 35 construction-related trades and manages a state-approved apprenticeship program. 
     •  Continuing education for your licensing requirements and compliance training mandates. 

Working Safe & Smart 
Your employees are your most valuable asset. Keep them safe through:
     •  ABC’s Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP), a tool that helps members protect their employees and experience fewer lost-time incidents by using the 20 key components of an effective safety program. 
     •  Our MNOSHA Partnership, which is unique in recognizing the safest construction companies in the industry. 
     •  Two full-time safety specialist that will provide you with the latest in safety practices for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone yourself. SPECIAL OFFER: contact ABC by November 17th, 2017 to schedule a free 1-2 hour safety assessment of your company!

Helping you Win Work
Regulations and legal requirements can cost you thousands of dollars and burdensome laws can hamper your company’s ability to compete, or even drive you out of business. 

That’s why ABC and its lobbyists in Washington, D.C., and the state Capitol are working to keep these laws in check. With the vast majority of craft professionals working for merit shop companies, we have a mandate to lead. We are taking action to ensure members will have the ability to compete and win work fairly on projects. 

We keep you up-to-date on what’s happening, so you can concentrate on running your business. And when you need us, we are there with advice on agency policies and procedures advocating for you!