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Are you fully strengthening the People Component of the EOS Model in your business?  Are all your people Right Person Right Seat, are all your leaders Right Person Right Seat?  Are all your leaders and managers fully leveraging the tools in the EOS Toolbox to ensure you have engaged and accountable employees who are delivering quality work?  Are you having retention issues?

Certified EOS Implementer, EOS Coach, speaker and facilitator, Sean O’Driscoll will walk attendees through a deeper look at the EOS tools that will enable you to strengthen the People Component and will draw on real-life examples. 

The talk is intended for people who are already implementing EOS who want to go deeper into answering the questions mentioned above or other People questions.  It will be in a workshop format with exchanges of experience between those attending as well as input from the presenter.  Attendees will walk away with actionable takeaways that will benefit their businesses and move them towards achieving their goals and objectives.

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