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Certified EOS Implementer, EOS Coach, speaker and facilitator, Sean O’Driscoll talks with passion about how to improve your business and your life. He provides engaging and action-oriented content that workshop attendees can immediately apply to their businesses to help them get more of what they want from their businesses.

Attendees will walk away with multiple takeaways including

  • Understand the six keys to building an organization that gets things done?
  • Get everyone in your organization aligned and moving in the same direction ?
  • Discover the characteristics of a great team member ?
  • Learn how to implement discipline and accountability into all levels of their organization ?

Using real-life examples and a passion for helping businesses, Sean introduces participants to a holistic system consisting of a simple set of practical tools that are being successfully used by thousands of leadership teams.

A Certified Implementer in the Entrepreneurial Operating System and one of only a few Implementer Coaches worldwide, Sean draws upon a wealth of insights gained from his own entrepreneurial journey and his experience in helping entrepreneurial teams clarify, simplify and achieve their visions. 

Participants will leave with practical tools, renewed hope and a clear path towards achieving their goals and objectives.

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