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Southdale Library - Edina, MN (map)
Get Your Business Online With Google!
Tuesday, February 27th - 1:30-3:30pm
Southdale Library - 7001 York Ave., Edina, MN

FREE EVENT - Join us as we provide a valuable learning experience on how to grow your business with an online presence. Hosted by Google and presented by Dave Meyer of BizzyWeb, the workshop will cover two great topics in establishing and managing how your company's online presence is relayed to the public, and most importantly, your future customers and clients. During the workshop, attendees will discuss:

Make Your Website Work For You
If you are launching a new business website (or sprucing up an old site), learn how to create a search-friendly site that is useful for customers and supports your business goals.

Grow Your Business Online
Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your online presence with search engine optimization (SEO) and online ads. Attendees will also be introduced to tools to help run businesses online, including Google Analytics and G Suite.

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