Minnesota Legislative Session Priorities

Building Minnesota on Merit in 2019

The 2019 legislative session offered new opportunities for Minnesota to make itself a good place to do business for the merit shop construction industry. ABC worked with legislators throughout the session and with state agency officials to ensure that legislation and administrative actions level the playing field for all contractors, help develop a 21st century workforce, and create a pro-business climate. 

Our legislative priorities include:
  • Reforming the state’s prevailing wage laws, which drive up the cost of projects and disproportionately affect contractors and small businesses in Greater Minnesota.  Switching from the“mode” calculation to an “average” calculation will save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each biennium and allow for more construction, growth, and economic development.

  • Allowing workers on public projects to work four ten-hour days without triggering overtime requirements.

  • Ensuring that all Minnesota construction workers are treated equally by opposing union-only Project Labor Agreements (PLAs).

  • Fixing the Responsible Contractor Law so as to not punish a contractor’s honest mistake and to also make the law less burdensome on large and small contractors and their subcontractors. 

  • Building a 21st century workforce through new educational opportunities, from new construction-focused STEM classes to apprenticeship programs to collaborations between schools and industry professionals.


If you have any questions, please call or email Adam Hanson.